The Gift of Eternity

Go into all the world and share the Good News. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. These mandates “blow our minds.” It seems unachievable and beyond our imagination. That perspective, however, discounts what God can do—the God of all power and wisdom, who loves the world and knows when a sparrow falls.

There were many examples during the mission trips in the Dominican Republic this summer of God’s power to use Samuel’s Fund to share the Gospel and to love children in His name. One of the many blessings of a sponsorship is the opportunity to connect personally with a child—sharing emails, Facebook messages, letters, pictures, and above all a personal visit.

Mark is a sponsor who was able to visit his sponsored child, coincidentally named Samuel. He is an angry little boy, acting out at home and in school. Samuel’s dad has moved to another country in search of a better job and he knows that frequently fathers never return. “Do you have a Bible?” Mark asked. When the answer was no, Mark purchased a children’s Bible in Spanish. As he gave the Bible to Samuel, Mark asked, “Would you like another gift?” Mark shared the gift of God’s love and Samuel opened his heart to receive that gift, too. Mark comforted Samuel with the knowledge that no matter what happened, he had a heavenly Father who would NEVER leave or forsake. And a sponsor who would always love and never forget him.

Through Samuel’s Fund, we have seen how God is able to take a sponsor’s support and love for a child in a distant land and multiply the “little” we can do into the fulfillment of His mandate to each of us.