Raising Up the Next Generation

Debbie and her youngest son, Jonathan, pictured in June 2017.

Debbie and her two-year-old son Jonathan live at our Homes for Families campus, a program designed to be a resource for single mothers during times of crisis while they transition into independent living. Sometimes the public only thinks of Homes for Families as a ministry to single moms, but it is every bit as much a ministry to their children.

Little Jonathan is learning the ways of God while living at Homes for Families. He has learned to hold his hands together during meal-time prayers, including an enthusiastic “Amen!” at the end. During a recent worship service at church, Jonathan saw another mom in care raising her hand in worship and he followed suit. Those around him smiled at the precious sight of a two year old, hand uplifted and seeming to be absorbed in the song of praise.

Even if he does not understand it now, Jonathan is watching and learning from his surroundings. And thanks to STCH Ministries, he is getting to know his Heavenly Father.