Senate Resolution 803

Over the past 65 years, STCH Ministries has had countless opportunities to stand beside numerous organizations in bringing hope and healing to hurting children and families. It is an honor to have recently been recognized by the Texas Senate in Senate Resolution No. 803, memorializing the work STCH Ministries has done over the last several decades.

Judith Zaffirini, a Texas State Senator from the 21st District, has had a long-standing rapport with STCH Ministries and sponsored Senate Resolution 803. It declares, “STCH Ministries has had a profound impact on the lives of children and families in need for 65 years, and the organization is truly deserving of special recognition as it achieves this milestone in its history.”

Relationships and partnerships made with senators, churches, foundations, and businesses are vital to the future of STCH Ministries and we celebrate occasions such as these that highlight how far we have come and the noteworthy people we have met along the way.

It is a blessing and a privilege to be acknowledged by such a reputable entity. As Mark Childs, Vice President of Homes for Children, ardently stated, “Now, more than ever, there exists a need for the private non-profit sector to work closely with our local, state, and national governments to advocate for children.”

Looking back to where it all began, with Laura Boothe and Jess Lunsford, an empty lot of land and a heart and vision to care for children, it is amazing to see how God has flourished the original vision and multiplied the number of people we are able to reach throughout our nine different ministries in Texas and the Dominican Republic.

On December 2nd, 2017, STCH Ministries will host a celebration in honor of the past 65 years and all God has done in and through this ministry. It will be a time of reflection on the past and expectation to what God holds for the future. We invite everyone to come out and celebrate during this momentous occasion, and learn more about the heart and mission of STCH Ministries. It will be a day of fun and fellowship for the entire family. Our doors will open for the general public at 3 pm and we hope to see you at our 65th Anniversary Celebration!