Where God Sees Beauty

A single mom in the Dominican Republic once said to our staff, “I can tell you love us. Not because of the things you give us, but because you aren’t afraid to touch us, even though we are poor.”

At our Homes for Families ministry, there was nothing associated with beauty to attract attention—a preschooler with matted hair, soiled clothing, apprehension reflected in her eyes. Loving hands touched and embraced her, drew her close, bathed and washed her hair, clothed her with a donated dress, and put a bow in her hair.  She gazed at her reflection and exclaimed wonderingly, “Look!  I’m bee-oo-tiful!”

Recently the ladies in our Homes for Families ministry to single moms and their children, took a craft break from their studies and caring for their children.  They created beautiful flowers out of colorful paper.  It was a reminder of the beauty God is creating within each of them through this ministry.

In The Message, Isaiah declares prophetically that God will return his children from faraway places, showering them with splendor.  Whether in the Dominican Republic or here in South Texas, STCH Ministries specializes in helping God’s children (no matter what their age) return from the faraway places where sin and abuse has abandoned them.  We help them discover the One who sees beauty under the ashes of life, and come to know the God who delights in them, and “festoons plain folk with salvation garlands.” Psalm 149:4

Each day, in every ministry our goal is to touch others with God’s love. We strive to help them discover the beauty that God has designed for them.  Whether helping our moms create beauty out of paper, or transforming a negative view of themselves into a “bee-oo-tiful” child of God, STCH Ministries works to fulfill the mission to which God has called us, “Honoring God, reaching hurting children and families, and enabling others to join us.”