International Partnerships: Betesda Orphanage

Pastor Ramon and Ludis Castro, from the Betesda Orphanage in La Romana, Dominican Republic, have a strong faith in a great God. Through great financial stress and many obstacles, they have been very intentional in their four goals for their boys. First, a personal relationship with Christ as Savior; secondly, character formation; thirdly, an education and job skills; and fourth, the opportunity to grow up in a family environment.

Although they longed to open their home to many more orphaned boys, their small rented home would not accommodate any more. In 2014, with the help of Dominican and STCH Ministries donors, they were able to buy a piece of property. Plans for buildings were drawn, with recreation areas, a community building for fellowships, study area, laundry, and work-study areas to develop job skills.

The plans for this first home are the result of many months of cooperative dialogue as STCH Ministries worked with Dominican architects and leadership to find a model of resident care that would accommodate the differences in culture, number of needy children, and scarcity of land, but still provide a family environment.

In 2015, Ladies for the Least members voted to help fund this home, along with other STCH Ministries donors and contributions by the Dominican Betesda Board. The construction project was fraught with delays and misunderstandings, as individuals from different cultures worked through the differing opinions and priorities of the construction project.

STCH Ministries remained faithful and committed and now the first floor of the Betesda Home is completed enough for the boys to move in. STCH Ministries International mission teams will continue to work with this ministry to provide their needs.