Spring Awakening

The idea of a Spring Break medical mission trip originated early in the Fall of 2018 in the hearts of a few Baylor University students preparing for a career as a PA (Physicians Assistant).  The plans quickly proceeded as 17 students paid their deposits and filled out their applications.

In the Dominican Republic, Dr. Francisco’s eyes widened as he heard the news that so many students, with little experience, were coming to help with medical clinics.  What could they do?  How could this work?  What would be the benefit both to the students and to the patients at the medical clinics?  And so the journey of faith began….

It was an Abraham-like experience—who went out not knowing whither he went, to a land he did not know, but went at God’s direction.  The students trusted God to lead them where they had never been, their parents trusted God AND their students to venture to a foreign country with a ministry (STCH Ministries International) of which many were not acquainted, and Dr. Francisco trusted God for wisdom to provide the resources for an effective medical clinic experience.

And God abundantly provided.  One licensed PA who accompanied the students, a family practice Physician from San Antonio, and 6 young English-speaking Dominican doctors shared their knowledge as they treated each patient. The students were divided between doctors in groups of 2, or in the pharmacy.  Accompanying the team, God provided all of the necessary logistics of food, transportation, pharmacy help, children’s ministry volunteers, and translators.  In the three days of medical clinics, spread across different communities, they saw over 400 patients. Their ailments were heard and diagnosed with compassion.  Available medicines were provided. And for each patient, a prayer of blessing over their needs and families was shared.

A day at the orphanage in Santiago capped off the week.  Whether reading, or playing soccer and basketball and jumping rope with children, or sharing laps, smiles, and hugs, the students shared God’s love with each one.  One child’s response touched all of our hearts in a special way.  When asked, “What do you want most for your life in the future?”  “A family,” was the response.  So it is throughout the world in every child’s heart, a deep longing to belong to a family.

Spring Break 2019—a moment in time.  Time to re-set priorities, slow down the pace of life enough to hear God, and see the needs of others.  Time to strengthen relationships. And make new relationships with Christian brothers and sisters 2,000 miles away.  A sacrifice of time and resources, accompanied by a significant step of faith.  We hope these moments will live on in each student’s heart, and produce a rich harvest of faith and service to others as God continues to lead them in their journey of life.