God Through the Eyes of Children

The Dominican children are back in school. This year every sponsored child proudly carries a colorful STCH Ministries backpack, school supplies, and their uniform, provided by our Samuel’s Fund sponsors!

During regular visits, our Dominican staff ask them about their school progress and families. The children’s answers reveal their interests and pleasures, and their concerns. Many times their responses provide a small “window” into their spiritual development as well:

No matter what, God is always God. No one can laugh at Him.

God never leaves or abandons His children. I just need to have faith.

God is in every place. Anyone can know Him if they open their hearts to receive Him.

God will help me do all things, if I trust and believe.

I need to be patient and wait for God’s timing.

We must trust God no matter how difficult our situation.

I had to repeat a grade and I worked hard and prayed that God would help me. I passed!

I saw God’s hand when the brakes failed, and He protected my family.

The priority of the Samuel’s Fund sponsorship is to enable children to get an education so that they can overcome the obstacles that poverty has created. Of equal importance to that goal, however, is helping them to grow in their knowledge of God and to develop a faith relationship through Christ. It’s an investment that brings hope not just for today, but also for eternity.